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From a one-person organization in 1997 focusing on new single-family residential work and service, Larsen Plumbing landed its’ 1st major contract in 2000. Sun River Construction (formerly Noland Construction) hired the company as its’ plumbing contractor for a development that has now grown to over 1500+ homes. The Sun River development has received notoriety throughout the Southwest portion of the United States. A planned community for retirees, it has become the largest single residential development in Washington County, Utah. The growth of this development has paralleled the growth of Larsen Plumbing.

In the last several years, Larsen Plumbing has become involved in the county with respected projects involving Cascade Development (including the Wingate Hotel), Wheeler Construction (Budget Inn Hotel, Fitness Ridge), Watts Construction (YESCO commercial project, multiple Maveriks), Ence Commercial and AJ Construction (commercial and residential projects). In the tri-state region, Larsen Plumbing has been involved with projects by D&K Construction Management (Hampton Inn), R&O Construction (multiple Maveriks), Cammeron Construction (Maverik, IHC Fillmore and Delta Community Medical Center remodels). Richard Watts, LLC (multiple Maveriks),  and Onsite Development (Maveriks).  In addition, the residential department has been involved with Salisbury Homes‘ continual growth with multiple subdivisions in Utah. In Arizona, Larsen Plumbing has been involved with Adams Construction Management in a large residential site in Bullhead City with over 200+ homes. The most recent government projects involve Leetex Contruction (Pipe Springs Curatorial Museum Facility) and Interstate Rock Products (Lake Mead, Willow Beach Recreational Area).

Larsen Plumbing has year after year been the plumbing contractor of choice for various “Parade of Homes“.

A major step forward took place in October, 2007 for Larsen Plumbing when they moved into their new worksite at the Ft. Pierce Industrial Park. The modern facility has created an attitude of respect for Larsen Plumbing throughout the construction industry. In addition, Larsen Plumbing is an active member of the National Association of Home Builders, Southern Utah Home Builders Association, and the Associated General Contractors of America.