The world is full of choices.

The Larsen Plumbing Team is continually committed to controlling water and containing sewage. Whenever a customer or developer has an opportunity to select a plumbing contractor, there are always a number of options to choose.   We hope our website provides you with a solid foundation and understanding of why you would want to choose Larsen Plumbing.

What you see with us is what you are going to get.  From the President to the office staff to the Project Managers to the front line plumbers we are all committed to the Core Values that will differentiate us from our competitors.

We believe in ourselves and we also believe that we have the type of track record that is often missing in construction.   We will meet our commitments, do things right for the right reasons, focus on safety, meet our financial obligations, and maintain an attitude of continuous improvement.

In all of our dealings with customers, vendors, suppliers, and employees we rely on the following CORE VALUES to influence our behaviors:

Quality … doing the right things for the right reasons

Safety … we watch out for each other and ensure that everyone goes home feeling good

Dependability … we are committed to doing what we say we will do

Fiscal Responsibility … we are accountable for all of our financial obligations

Continuous Improvement … we believe each day is an opportunity for growth and development

Profitable … each project must carry its own weight

Let us be YOUR CHOICE.